Viagra & Blindness Warning – Men, will you still reach for “THE PILL”?
Reach for I\'M SO HORNY
Viagra is popular for obvious reasons because of its sexual attributes. Its sales are increasing in leaps and bounds daily Ever since its existence, it has been able to lure millions of people world wide under its exotic and erotic sexual trap. A large number of people are attracted to its legendry & proven efficiency in treating an important sexual ailment in males – erectile dysfunction (ED).

Though this wonder drug has witnessed immense popularity, in recent times it was also veiled by a number of controversial issues. Blindess can be caused by viagra. A small number of its users have turned blind after consuming the wonder pill. All of them suffering from a swelling of the optic nerve within 36 hours of taking Viagra for ED.

The medical condition, known as non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION), causes a rapid reduction of vision and in the most serious cases, leads to blindness. NAION is considered one of the most common causes of sudden vision loss in older people. Its risk factors include diabetes and heart disease, which are also two of the leading causes of impotence. Is viagra like steriods in its application, does the job initially then catches up with you later on with continued use??
But Pfizer, the international makers of the blue magic drug which has been used by more than 20 million men since its launch in 1998, said the cases were a coincidence only. They’ve termed these accusations as baseless and circulated only to destroy their success by any potential competitors. According to them, the popularity of Viagra is due to its immense health benefits. It has been able to cure millions of ED patients worldwide and brought their sexual life back on track at long last.
But in spite of all these successes, some consumer advocacy groups are asking governments to add serious warning labels on Viagra and other ED drugs for the benefits of its users. This apparently positive step can keep its abusers at a distance. It will help in warning its users about its possible side effects and prove immensely beneficial for its genuine users.

So, the proper usage of this drug can revive the often dull and uneventful life of some aged people forever.

Perhaps VIAGRA OYSTERS may be good for you as OYSTERS are blind anyway and have been fed VIAGRA?

Further research is required to prove or disprove these findings to determine the accuracy of the claims.

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