In a mammoth team effort and 14 hours of non stop surgery, a Brisbane man [Queensland Australia] had all his fingers re attached by a skilled team of surgeons at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane following an industrial accident.

reattached all fingers to hand

Orthapaedic surgeon, Dr Mark Robinson, part of the team of 6 surgeons who re-created the man’s hands, said the successful outcome was a tribute to team work.

Without that massive team effort and specialist staff involvement such a triump could never have been achieved.

This man has now the opportunity to live his life with some measure of independence.

Serious injuries such as these one has to do what one can with what one has got.

How so quickly a life can change and yet change again for the better.

Congratulations on a job well done…

Sourced by Henry Sapiecha from a

Qld Health Publication

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