Iran continues to get high-tech equipment

Iran dupes US sanctions

Iran dupes US sanctions

WASHINGTON (UPI) — Iran has been able to evade U.S. attempts to bar imports of sophisticated technology through front companies and use of the Internet, The Washington Post said.

A report by the Institute for Science and Security and Justice Department says Iran has acquired Global Positioning devices along with circuit boards and software for improvised explosive devices in the past two years. They are on the list of items banned from export to Iran.

The Bush administration approved sanctions against Iranian front companies in Dubai in 2006. But officials say that after a brief disruption in the flow of high-tech equipment, Iran found other routes.

U.S. companies are unwittingly supplying Iran, not realizing that the apparent buyers are fronts.

“The schemes are so elaborate, even the most scrupulous companies can be deceived,” said David Albright, ISIS president and one of the authors of the study.

Article by United Press International

Published by Henry Sapiecha   Jan – 2009

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