Specimen Sulphur Crystals

Specimen Sulphur Crystals

Italian Mineralogist Calendar (YMCCI)

Italian Scientists Calendar

Italian Scientists Calendar

A perpetual calendar celebrating 12 important Italian Scientists that have given significant contributions to the development on Mineralogy. For each one picture, biograpy, original signature, main opera and mineral that has been dedicated to. Plus Plinius and Steno biograpies, two great contributors to mineralogy science.

Contents: Covelli, Scacchi, Struever, Bombicci, Mercalli, Spezia, Sella, Artini, Guglielmini, Biringuccio, D’Achiardi, Zambonini.

Italian language.

Size: 29 x 21 cm.

Some of the scientists are featured below here

Sella Quintivo

Sella Quintino

Stensen Nicolaus

Stensen Nicolaus

Strueva Giovani

Struever Giovanni

Zamonini Ferruccio

Zambonini Ferruccio

Sourced and published by Henry Sapiecha 22nd March 2009

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