Reliance looks to NAL for making

carbon fibre



Reliance Industries Ltd is planning to source locally developed technology from state-owned National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) to make carbon fibre. The carbon fibre is a scarce, steel-like material used in building light aircraft. India‘s one of the largest private sector companies by sales would make the carbon fibre at a 4,000-tonne plant in Gujarat, using technology developed at NAL. Carbon fibre is produced from polymers and is used to make composites that are as strong as steel. Vadodara-based Kemrock Industries and Exports Ltd, an export-focussed unit that makes fibre-reinforced plastic composites, is already engaged in building a 400-tonne carbon fibre plant to open in August 2009.

Sourced and published by Henry Sapiecha 30th March 2009

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