Sharp, Pioneer Enable Communication Between Cell Phones, Car Navigation Systems


Apr 14, 2009 19:57
Naoshige Shimizu, Nikkei Electronics

Sharp Corp and Pioneer Corp announced April 13, 2009, that they jointly developed “Photoremo@Navi Ver1.0,” a data standard for communications between mobile phones and car navigation systems.

Using Photoremo@Navi-based mobile phones and car navigation systems, it is possible to easily exchange GPS data, expected arrival time calculated by a car navigation system, notifications of received e-mails and calls, etc via Bluetooth and infrared rays.


The data standard was developed as part of the two companies’ joint development projects that were launched after they formed a capital alliance in 2007 and cover a variety of themes in the TV and car electronics areas. They will promote the standard to other mobile phone and car navigation system manufacturers.

“We are aiming to make the format open to anyone in the future,” Sharp said. However, Pioneer said, “We have yet to determine when and how we will release the format.”

“Photoremo” is a standard originally developed by Sharp for data exchange between mobile phones and home appliances. It attaches information used to control home appliances to images in JPEG format. With Photoremo@Navi, the same capability can be easily used with car navigation systems.


For example, a user carrying a GPS mobile phone finds a good restaurant and takes a picture of it (in JPEG format). Then, the photo data is registered together with its location data based on the Photoremo@Navi standard. If this photo is sent to his/her friend’s mobile phone, the friend can easily register the photo and location data in his/her car navigation system.

“One of the major issues with car navigation maps is the fact that they cannot quickly update store names and other variable information,” Pioneer said. “If Photoremo@Navi can enable the easy registration of the names and locations of the stores that users recommend, this challenge can be overcome.”

“Photoremo@Navi is also available for any devices that support Photoremo,” Sharp said.

Currently, Photoremo-compatible products include Sharp’s “SH706iW” mobile phone and “Aquos R” series LCD TVs released in 2008. Meanwhile, Pioneer has not yet determined when it will release a Photoremo-compatible car navigation system.


Know where your’e at

“It is impossible to make our car navigation systems compatible with Photoremo only by upgrading their software,” Pioneer said. “So, it is difficult to incorporate Photoremo@Navi capability in our existing products.”

Sourced and published by Henry Sapiecha 22nd April 2009

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