20 of the least known



1…GEORGE C BEIDLER. USA inventor of the photocopier in 19…

2…HARRY BREARLY. English inventor of stainless steel in 1913

3…WILLIS CARRIER.USA inventor of air-conditioning in 1902

5…MRS W.A. COCHRAN. USA inventor of the auto dishwasher

6…ADOLF E FICK. German inventor of contact lenses in 1887

7…DR. R.N. HARGER. American inventor of the breathaliser in 1938 [or drunkometer as it was known then]

8…EDWIN T HOLMES. USA inventor of the burglar alarm in 1858

9…MILLER REECE HUTCHINSON. USA inventor of hearing aid

10..WITCOMB L JUDSON. American inventor of the zip in 1893

11..CARLTON C MAGEE. USA inventor of the park meter in 19…

12..JACK MARKS. English inventor of the boxer’s gumshield 1902

13..KARL LUDWIG NESSLER. German inventor of the hair perm in 1906 [only became a hairdresser because his eyesight was too poor for shoe making]

14..JAMES RANSOME. English inventor of the motor mower 1902

15..ERIK ROTHEIM. Norwegian inventor of the aerosol in 1926

16..LUCIEN B SMITH. American inventor of barbed wire in 1874

17..CHARLES STRITE. American inventor of the toaster in 1927

18..JOHAAN VAALER. Norwegian inventor of the paperclip in 1900

19..ARTHUR WYNNE. English inventor of the crossword in 1913

20..JOSEPH L ZIMMERMAN. American inventor of the telephone answering machine in 1949. [His first device was called the Electronic Secretary]

Sourced and published by Henry Sapiecha 7th July 2009


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