Comfort Glove Category: Medical

Ganesh Yelisetty
Upland, CA US

People who have arthritis in their fingers have a very tough time opening and closing, to say the least. Making a fist would be very painful. The pain in severe cases can be excruciating. The device I have invented is a ‘Comfort Glove’. I am using air and possibly heat to give comfort. This glove is similar in function to a ‘blood pressure cuff’ that people are so well used to. In addition to looking like a nice glove which does not hinder in your day to day work, this glove will relieve the pain. The glove is made of two membranes. There is space in-between them, that is all through the glove to hold air. The design and make of the glove is such that every so many mm’s or cm’s away, the membranes are pinched so that the glove does not expand like a balloon when air is pumped into it. When you push the button on top of the glove, air is pumped into the glove (like in a blood pressure cuff ) to the extent the person needs. This can be done in one push or in spurts. This pressure feels like a nice massage to the plam and finger area. After a preset
time (5-10 seconds) the glove releases the air. This relaxes the glove and the pressure on the palm and finger. When this goes on repeatedly for say 5 minutes, the person gets a nice massage and feels good. The air pump can be run on AA batteries making it very cheap to use. If you want to introduce the heat aspect into the glove, it can be lined on the inside with a material that can be made warm for a few seconds. This device can be manufactured very easily by the current manufacturers of medical devices for ‘blood pressure monitor’. Millions of people over here in the USA and all over the world can be benefited from this.

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Designing new or modifying existing products for better performance for the common good is the key to any society’s future.
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Sourced and published by Henry Sapiecha 8th Sept 2009


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