The Aquavista Dinosaur Gold Edition Aquarium – with Mammoth tusk and T-Rex bone inlays

Fancy an aquascaping and aquarium showcase in your lounge-room but don’t want the hassles of cleaning and feeding? No problems! Aquavista is pushing the envelope of automating all those tasks and its range-topping Panoramic model can be fitted with a Carbon Dioxide Generator that allows plants to photosynthesize and flourish, vastly simplifying the task of creating a ripsnorter underwater garden feature. Want to make sure you won’t be trumped by the Jones? No problems! Renowned bespoke luxury goods remanufacturer Stuart Hughes has just the ticket. Stuart’s latest creation starts with the Aquavista Panoramic, incorporates no less than 68kg of pure 24ct gold, has side veneers made from the tusk of a 14 ft Mammoth, inlaid with bone from a 17 ft T-Rex. If that doesn’t impress the visitors, mention the price-tag – GBP 3 million – around USD$4.8 million. Read More

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha

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