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A new video game system from Sega takes playing video games while you’re in the bathroom to a whole new level. Called Toylet, the urinal-mounted game system not only has you play games while you’re in the bathroom, it’s powered by urine.

Rather than use a traditional controller, the gaming system has a sensor that measures the volume and pressure involved in your…flow, and uses that to control a game.A Toylet system installed in Japan.

A Toylet system installed in Japan.

Games are less than a minute and are displayed on a small eye-level screen. Not exactly a video game system for the kids, games involve doing things like filling a coffee can or blowing wind up an animated reporter’s skirt.
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The system can only be used on urinals – so there’s no option out there for the ladies – and equipment reportedly starts at 140,000 yen (roughly $US1750), with individual games running 10,000 yen ($US125). Costs are for the gaming system, and not the actual urinal.

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An optional box can be purchased to accept payment from potential game players, turning the urinal into pay-to-play bathroom arcade. Advertisements can also be sold for and displayed on the Toylet after each completed game.

Sega initially tested the gaming systems in Tokyo last winter, and received enough positive reviews that it has decided to roll out the gaming systems across the country. According to the company people using the Toylet make less of a mess while they’re taking care of business, and the businesses that advertise on the Toylet sell twice as much.
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