FBI issues cybercrime alert

over Barbie doll with hidden camera

December 8, 2010 – 8:42AM
Barbie... now with built-in camera, casing privacy concerns.Barbie… now with built-in camera, casing privacy concerns.

The FBI has issued a cybercrime alert on a new Barbie doll that comes with a hidden video camera.

Mattel’s Barbie Video Girl has a video camera lens built into its necklace that can record up to 30 minutes of footage to be downloaded on a computer.

Officials warn that it could possibly be used to produce child pornography, but say they don’t have any reported crimes. 

The FBI’s Sacramento office issued a report with the warning on the doll last month.

FBI spokesman Steve Dupre says the alert was inadvertently sent to the media but was meant for law enforcement agencies advising them not to overlook the doll during any searches.

A Mattel spokeswoman says the FBI has confirmed no reported incidents of using the doll for criminal activity.

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