Many scientists perform their research in totally uncharted territories. Some of them flirt with danger on a daily basis. The persistence of a small percentage creates their own demise with overexposure to toxic substances, or by working alone with hazardous equipment. Watch this video showing 10 famous scientists that were killed by their own experiments.
Source: Alltime10s/Youtube


Henry Sapiecha

Failed Iron ore extraction by Thomas Edison


People know Thomas Alva Edison as a successful inventor but history books revealed that he has some failed inventions to his credit; in 1890’s he put in huge amounts of money into Iron ore mining as he was planning to supply iron to different buyers, but all his money went down the drain as he failed to extract iron from its ores.

Flying Aircraft Carrier – USS Macon/USS Akron


Flying aircraft carrier called USS Macon was a very useful military invention which was able to carry five F9C “Sparrowhawk” airplanes that could be launched as well as retrieved during flight but it was dumped later because it crashed due to design failure during a flight in 1935.

Cybernetic Walking Machine


A Robot like machine that walked, was designed by a man named Ralph Mosher to carry weapons in very difficult military environments, it was designed for General electric, but it was abandoned later, after its initial experimental launch in 1968 due to some unknown reason.

Ford Nucleon.Nuclear powered motor car by Ford


Ford Nucleon was a car designed by Ford Motor Company in late 1950’s and they had planned to use nuclear power as a fuel in that car having a small nuclear reactor in it ; it was an excellent idea by Ford Company but never implemented due to the dangerous issues of nuclear radiation and nuclear waste.



Thomas Edison also tried his luck to invent a device which can combine sound and pictures to create motion pictures but he failed to do so, he dropped this idea by 1915.

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